The Progress Council asked that some of the funds donated by YEKO ANIM be used to form the Disability Action Fund. We quickly agreed. This fund takes care of emergency situations such as Attah’s wheelchair and the emergency hernia operations on two 3 yr. old boys.


It gives YEKO ANIM great pleasure to introduce you to two wonderful young boys, primary school students and budding musicians who just happen to have a type of congenital blindness. Their names are Xorseko age 5 and Mawuko (a.k.a Nana Kwame) age 6.

The boys are from a small village just a short distance from Kwahu Tafo, where there is no possibility for children with disabilities to attend school. When we visited the family, we learned that they had an older brother, Daniel, with this same type of blindness. Daniel had only started attending school at age 12. The few schools in Ghana for children with special needs are located in other areas, so the children are required to board.

Although enrolling such young boys in boarding school meant leaving their loving family, the hope of them being able to learn like any other child guided the decision. They would start primary school at the appropriate age.  The boys expressed pure joy when we told them.  YEKO ANIM is so proud to sponsor their education through the Disability Action Fund.

The cost for both boys at a wonderful school for the blind near Accra cost $500 a year. We visited them at the campus to see how they were adjusting and it was remarkable. They were learning to communicate in English as well as Twi. Their own language is Ewe. But these two boys they can really communicate with music.  They will pick up whatever is around to create a sound with; a bottle, a can, a stick and they are off.P1040624