After School Reading Club
After School Reading Club

Our many schools in Kwahu Tafo are doing a good job teaching kids how to read. YEKO ANIM not only wants kids to know how to read, but to want to read and have fun doing it. Technology is making so much information accessible, but it is only through books that we get to travel without leaving home, to learn about other people and broaden our education and view of the world. YEKO ANIM’s future programs will include a reading club where we explore the joy of book reading using proven programs such as Reading is FUNdamental.

So how did you learn to type?
Adult Education

In July 2012 while reviewing and discussing our continuing programs, we were struck more than once by the fact many adults expressed a desire to learn and become better educated. Although shy about saying it many said that they just wanted to learn how to read, a privilege we often take for granted.  Others wanted to learn a new skill in order to better provide for their families. YEKO ANIM’s support for education has focused on the children of Kwahu Tafo, but the next plan we take to the Progress Council is one to develop a learning center for adults.

Sunset on Lake Volta

YEKO ANIM is excited to help the Kwahu Tafo Progress Council in the development of a tourism enterprise and visitor center in the village. This project holds tremendous potential for Kwahu Tafo to attract business investment and create much needed employment. The area is culturally rich and ecologically fascinating.  We look forward to being part of what could become a great resource for the provision of environmental education for the entire Kwahu region and make Kwahu Tafo stand as a beacon of just what can be accomplished.

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New Year’s Greetings from Kwahu-Tafo

Wow 2015!

For all you have done for us we wish you a happy new year and may all you hope and pray for come your way….

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